What is UV Protection? Should I Care?

Many doctors around the world will agree that ultra violet (UV) protection for eyes matters.  Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can injure not only your skin but your eyes as well, including your eyelids, cornea, lens, and other parts of your eyes.  Did you know that UV exposure can also cause the development of certain types of cataracts, growths on the eyes and macular degeneration?  Macular degeneration is a serious condition where the macular pigment in the retina which protects the eye from light damage deteriorates over time, especially in response to OVER exposure of UV rays.

Wearing sunglasses that protect against these harmful rays of the sun are the first step in preventing many of these serious eye conditions.  To protect your eyes effectively, doctors recommend that you look for sunglasses that block out 99-100% of both UVA and UVB rays by screening out 75- 90% of visible light.  Lenses should also be matched in color and free from distortions and imperfections.  

The color and degree of darkness of the sunglasses do not impact their ability to block the UV rays.  It is possible to find light and clear lenses that also block UV rays as well.  You should opt for wrap around or close-fitting sunglasses such as our  Unisex Driving Glasses UV 400.  Glasses with wide lenses such as our  TSHING Oversized Clea Ocean Cat Eye glasses to block those UV rays as well.  Lastly, doctors further recommend that contact lens wearers- even those that wear contact lenses with UV protection- should also wear sunglasses to maximize protection from the sun.

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